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Structure of x ray collimator

I have introduced a lot of principles about x ray collimator before, and today I will explain the structure of x ray collimator.
Colluminator mirror fixing structure
The mirror is an important part in the beam limiter. Its correct position directly affects whether the simulated light field is correct.

The application of columator  
The mirror is a very thin lens, usually made of plastic, with a vacuum coating on the surface to act as a mirror. The mirror requires a flat surface with a reflectivity of 80% to 90%, and an X-ray absorption rate of less than 0.5 to 1 mm of aluminum equivalent.

Manual X ray collimator sorting
2. colluminator point source structure
The illumination field indicates that the illuminated area is accurate only when the beam limiter is installed in accordance with the required focus to the mounting plane distance.

X ray collimator user guide
The switch of the photographic control indicator on the Colluminator is now turned on and off. Most of the switches are now automatically turned off. This reduces operating steps, avoids forgetting, and extends lamp life. Common automatic light-off devices are available in both mechanical and electronic versions.
Some colluminator indicators have two levels of brightness, and use a higher brightness when the environment is brighter. The indicator light is therefore about 100W, and the low voltage power supply is now used. The bulb of the beam limiter is a consumable item. When replacing it, pay attention to the position of the installation to be accurate, otherwise it will cause indication error.
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