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Ralco collimator for suspension X-ray machines

Ralco collimator is an optical device installed in the output window of the X-ray tube assembly. Its main function is to control the radiation field of the X-ray tube output line, so as to reduce the projection range and avoid unnecessary radiation dose under the premise of meeting X-ray imaging and diagnosis. And can absorb a few scattered ray, improve affect clarity.
Ralco collimator can be used in the suspension X-ray machine to make the high quality image chain of the suspension X-ray machine as well as output perfect images and professional image acquisition and processing software to pursue excellent images. Ralco collimator effectively ensures the organic balance of image quality and radiation dose.Ensure the stability of the machine in complex environments and high quality images;Reducing the possibility of radiation hazards;Low maintenance cost.Flexible and convenient operation, one key in place, convenient and fast.
The Newheek 202 manual ralco collimator has excellent performance and can effectively guarantee the quality of images.
Ralco collimator


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