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Comparison between x ray collimator NK103 and NK102

A customer sent an inquiry through Alibaba International Station to inquire about NK103 x ray collimator. He expressed interest in this product and wanted more product information.
First of all, welcome customer consultation.
The following is an introduction to the NK103 x ray collimator, what kind of X-ray machine should be used, and the difference between NK103 x ray collimator and NK102 x ray collimator.
Newheek has three kinds of x ray collimator, NK102 is suitable for 125KV spherical tube x ray collimator, NK103 is also suitable for 125KV x ray collimator, but NK102 is larger than NK103, you see 102 x ray collimator it is suitable for fixed X-ray machine or mobile X-ray machine, NK103 is suitable for portable X-ray machine.
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