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Our Newheek electric X-ray collimator

With the development of X-ray collimator technology, electric X-ray collimator equipment has also moved from simple to complex, and its functions have also moved from single to multi-purpose.
According to the driving method of opening and closing the lead plate of the collimator, it can be divided into manual collimator, electric X-ray collimator and automatic collimator.
Manual collimator operation is usually driven by a micro DC motor. The radiation length and width of the collimator can be appropriately controlled, and the radiation field can be adjusted to the required size.
The adjustment of the electric X-ray collimator can be operated both on the collimator and on the console. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter has a variety of fixed-size radiation size selection buttons. As long as these buttons are pressed, the motor will move the lead leaf to the selected field and fix it to meet the specific requirements of radiography. When the motor is running, there are limit switches at the closing and maximum opening positions of the guide vanes and automatic limit protection.
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