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Features of manual collimator NK103

Generally, there are two types of x-ray collimators: manual collimator and electric collimator. The manual collimator is mainly used for photography, and the electric collimator is used for fluoroscopy. The principles of these two x-ray collimators are basically the same, but the tuning capabilities are different. Today I will mainly introduce to you the manual collimator.
The manual line collimator manually opens and closes the lead plate of the X-ray beamer. There are two modes of operation: knob type and pull rod type. The adjusting knob or the adjusting rod is provided with a corresponding position of the illuminating field size indicating scale. In this way, before the illuminated field indicator lights up, the size of the field required at a predetermined distance can be roughly adjusted. Proper use can shorten the lighting time.
The three x-ray collimators sold by Weifang Huading are all manual. NK103 collimator is specially designed for portable X-ray machine, mainly used for 125kV X-ray tube.
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