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Newheek NK-202 electric medical X-ray collimator

Newheek NK-202 electric medical X-ray collimator is suitable for tube voltage 150kV, vehicle-mounted, DR digital and ordinary X-ray diagnostic equipment, and the X-ray irradiation field is rectangular. This product complies with the relevant national and industry standards, and has the characteristics of small size, high reliability and high cost performance.

This product uses a single layer of two sets of lead leaves and a special internal protective structure to shield X-rays. The collimator’s irradiation field is adjusted electrically. The movement of the lead leaves is driven by a DC motor, and the irradiation field is continuously adjustable.

The motor control line of this product is directly output, and the control system is configured by the customer, which can conveniently and flexibly control and display the parameters of the limiter according to the customer’s system for the control of the collimator.

The visible light field of the collimator uses a halogen bulb with higher brightness, and the internal delay circuit can automatically turn on the bulb after 30 seconds

Turn off the bulb, and you can manually turn off the bulb while the bulb is on to extend the life of the bulb and save energy.

The mechanical connection between this product and the X-ray tube is convenient and reliable, and adjustment is simple.

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