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Newheek collimator is an important anti-epidemic material

The secret of China ’s victory is hidden in CHINA! Many people do n’t believe that China will win the battle. They cite data from different countries. Then they say, hey, the United States and Europe have more advanced medical systems, and China ’s number is much lower than ours, so this It can’t be true, believe it or not, it’s true. You can come to China to see, in fact, our secret is hidden in CHINA. Care .We cherish every life, whether it is old or young, poor or rich, we put the people’s right to life first, we provide free testing, free treatment, and we save lives at all costs. Help.All directions support. When the epidemic broke out, medical support teams from all over the country gathered in Wuhan to support Hubei. Many medical staff volunteered to protest the hardest hit areas. Immediate. We responded immediately after the outbreak. We built a hospital with 1,000 beds within ten days. All medical teams from the call to arrive in Wuhan, no more than 24 hours on average. New technology. During the outbreak, we developed and applied many of the latest technology products, such as 5G artificial intelligence, big data and drones, from large cities to small villages, everyone is closely connected, they can get the outbreak information at the first time , Altogether.The new crown epidemic is an unprecedented challenge, but we chose to unite, fight together against the epidemic, and ultimately, win together. Therefore, this is our secret, CARE, HELP, IMMEDIATE, NEW TECHNOLOGY ALTOGETHER. I believe that if you can do this, you will eventually defeat the virus. Newheek is willing to work with Chinese people and the people of the world to overcome the virus. If you have X-ray machine,bucky stand, image intensifier, collimator and high voltage cable needs, please contact us, we are always here!



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