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Material of X-ray collimator

The shell of X-ray collimator also absorbs scattering rays, usually with thin lead plates attached to the inner wall of the shell. Material of X-ray collimator also has the function of absorbing scattered rays. Is there any basis for that? Material of X-ray collimator also has a filter plate for soft ray removal to replace the track. The structure has upper and lower insertion type. There is also an upper turntable replacement mode. Several commonly used filter boards are mounted on a disc, which one to use, it will be turned to the bottom of the window.

Advantages of x ray scattering
The structure of X-ray collimator connecting seat includes flange connecting with X-ray tube, connecting hole, fixed flange and pressing plate with X-ray collimator. In order to achieve the best beam limiting effect for a specific X-ray collimator, the focus must be installed at the required distance. Various X-ray collimators give this distance data. As shown in the figure, he gives the required distance from the focus of the X ray tube to the flange connecting surface. If this requirement is not met, it can be met by gaskets.


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