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Collimating device system

Collimating device is mainly used to limit the exposure range of X-ray beam to reduce the radiation to patients, as well as the multi-slice function of X-ray film with the point film system.
In order to ensure the maximum number of x-rays that can be emitted from an X-ray collimator, the outer walls are all double-lined with lead. Collimating device USES 6 pairs of blades, all of which are lead-lined, to control the X-ray field of view. Two pairs at the ray entry, two pairs in the middle, and two pairs at the ray exit. Knobs on the panel control the blades.
Collimating device system
The scale value on the panel can be read by the user according to the size of the field of view, using the knob to set.
Newheek collimating device is divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type. Manually collimating device adjusts the blade size of the window through the manual knob.
Newheek collimating device can meet your different procurement needs.


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