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Manual collimating devicet type of Newheek

Manual collimating devicet are widely used to meet the market demand. There are many kinds of manual x ray collimator. From the configuration point of view, the manual collimating devicet are divided into thecollimating devicet for 125KV spherical tubes and the collimating devicet for 150KV spherical tubes.
Whether manual, electric or automatic collimating devicet, the principle of the collimating devicet is the same, are through the control button to control the closure of the lead leaf in the beam limiter to change the X-ray field, the manual beam limiter is more accurate, manual adjustment is simple and convenient.
The manual collimating devicet of Newheek has three models, NK102, NK103 and NK202. Among them, NK102 and NK103 are collimating devicet for 125KV ball tube, NK202 is a collimating devicet that can be used for NK202 ball tube.
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