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Is the X-ray Collimator NK102 suitable for all X-ray machines?

Newheek’s X-ray Collimator is suitable for a variety of X-ray machines, but it does not mean that a X-ray Collimator can be used for a variety of different specifications of X-ray machines.

Newheek 3 X-ray Collimators are manual X-ray Collimators, which are mainly used in X-ray machines, while electric X-ray Collimators are mainly used for fluoroscopy.

You may ask, one of our X-ray Collimators can be applied to various types of X-ray machines?

NK102 is mainly used for 125 kV X-ray tubes and mobile and fixed X-ray machines.

NK103 is mainly used in 125 kV X-ray tube and portable X-ray machine.

NK202 is mainly used in 150 kV X-ray tube and fixed X-ray machine.

NK102 and NK102 can not match 150 kV X-ray tube, but NK202 can match 125 kV X-ray tube.

At the same time, for YZ analog X-ray machine, it uses a combination head, which requires the use of a matching X-ray Collimator.

This detail can be consulted with us.

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