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Is the electric beam lighter good to use?

The beamer is an accessory part used for X-ray inspection equipment. It is mainly used for positioning when setting up, simulating the radiation area of ​​X-ray, which can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality.
The electric beam light device is mostly used in fluoroscopic examination, which is convenient for remote control, and is an essential component for remote control of gastrointestinal bed.
Usually, the design of the electric beam light is: compartment operation, the area size of the radiation field is controlled at the console end. This electric collimator is mostly used in gastrointestinal surgery. This electric dawn can adjust the ratio of width and length, non-rotatable, only one exposure. Chest X-ray: Set the position. Back-to-front position: back to the tube, front-to-back position: facing the tube, side position: raise your arms to hold your head. Some chest X-ray frames have handles. Hang your hands on the shelf for support. X-ray collimators confine stray X-rays and reduce unnecessary radiation exposure to patients in the radiology room. And can control the size of the radiation area.
Seeing here, everyone has a more in-depth understanding of the electric beam light device. If you have other needs, please call us.

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