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Introduction of portable X-ray collimator

Lanzhou customer calls to ask some questions about the collimating equipment of the X-ray machine.
Portable X-ray collimator is small in size and easy to move and carry. It is very suitable for portable X-ray machine.
The type of X-ray machine has the matching limitation on the type of X-ray collimator, but in fact it is the ball tube that plays the matching limitation on the X-ray collimator.
There are 125KV and 150KV ball tube, high voltage cable and X-ray collimator with different types of supporting technical parameters.
The portable Collimator is an important part of the portable X-ray machine, which restricts the X-ray radiation field emitted by the ball tube.
Whether it is a portable X-ray machine, a mobile X-ray machine or a fixed X-ray machine, the configuration size varies, but the configuration components are the same.
According to different needs, the size of the X-ray unit directly determines the size and type of the X-ray unit that can be used for the X-ray machine.
Portable X-ray machine has the characteristics of easy to carry, easy to move and light, so the X-ray collimator must also have the same characteristics.
Newheek’s NK103 portable X-ray collimator is the smallest of three types of X-ray collimator.
It has the same characteristics as the portable X-ray machine and can be used in the portable X-ray machine.
Portable X-ray collimators are suitable for 125KV bulb tubes, not for fixed X-ray machines.If you are interested in this device, please contact us!



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