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Customer Consultation Collimator

After seeing the products on our website, some customers wanted to buy a collimator for portable X-ray machine. After communication, we recommended Newheek manual NK102 collimator, which is mainly used in the portable X-ray machine of 125kV ball tube. The parameters of the manual NK102 collimator are as follows:

X-ray tube maximum voltage: 125 KV

Field of exposure: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)

Lamp power: 24 V / 100 W

Single lamp lighting time: 30 s

Lead leaf (optional): 1 layer

Lead leaf control mode: manual

Input power: 24 V AC

SID measuring tape with soft ruler: yes

Appearance size: 223 (W) x 185 (L) x 87 (H) mm

Weight (without cables): 5.5 kg


In addition to the NK102 collimator, Newheek also provides NK103 collimator for 125kV fixed or mobile X-ray machines, and NK202c collimator for 150kV fixed X-ray machines. If you are interested in collimator, Welcome to contact us.


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