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Introduction of installation method of collimator

The collimator is an important component of the X-ray machine. So, how should the collimator be installed? In the positioning of the tube sleeve, the collimator uses a special connector to be fixedly integrated with the flange of the tube window, and can rotate within a certain range. The focal position required by the collimator and the actual X-ray when installing the collimator the focus position of the tube assembly is consistent.

In order to make the selection and adjustment of the irradiation field more flexible and convenient in use, continue to improve the shielding effect, a movable collimator appeared. The movable collimator is more superior, it can continuously adjust the size of the irradiation field, meet the requirements of various sizes of wire shielding at any distance, and is widely used by modern X-ray machines. The activity of each pair of lead leaves is symmetrical about the center of the X-ray. The opening and closing of the two pairs of lead leaves control the length and width of the irradiation field, and can flexibly adjust the size and shape of the irradiation field. In order to further improve the shielding effect, the internal structure of the collimator is increased from one set of “#” shaped lead leaves to two sets. The two pairs of lead leaves in the same direction can move synchronously, but their activity ranges are different. The purpose is to The irradiation fields formed by the two pairs of lead leaves can always be consistent. A square tube is added between the two groups of lead leaves to absorb scattered rays; a filter plate for absorbing soft rays is also installed on the collimator, and the filter plate of non-stop thickness can be replaced as required.

After reading the characteristics of the collimator, you should have a general understanding of the installation of the collimator. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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