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Introduce our Newheek X-ray collimator NK102

In this article, we mainly know about X-ray collimator NK102. First, let’s take a look at X-ray collimator NK102.
X-ray collimator NK102 Applicable large voltage: 125KV
X-ray collimator NK102 Large irradiation field: 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)
The X-ray collimator is installed in the window position of the X-ray tube sleeve, used to control the size of the X-ray irradiation field, block unnecessary X-rays, reduce the subject’s exposure dose as much as possible and improve the image clarity . The light shield for photography is also equipped with a light source and a mirror to simulate the position of the focal point of the X-ray tube, indicating the irradiation field and the center line.

X-ray collimator


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