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Influencing factors of the function of the collimator on the X-ray machine

Because the opening of the imaging collimator on the film has a magnifying effect, the installation accuracy, positioning accuracy, and stability of the collimator are important for the precise alignment of the X-ray beam to the inspection site and control the exposure of the film. Both the size and the quality of the image have a greater impact, which are explained as follows:
1) Errors caused by installation: Current collimators mostly use “visible light analog positioning collimators”. That is, a small bulb in the collimator is used to simulate the focus, and the visible light emitted by the small bulb simulates X-rays; the doctor adjusts the collimator by observing the size of the beam projected on the patient’s examination site to obtain the X needed for filming Ray beam.
2) Positioning accuracy: At present, most of the low- and medium-range collimators on the market are so-called “follow-up systems”. The input potentiometer on the console is connected to the other potentiometer of the output shaft of the collimator drive motor to form a balanced loop. When the two loops are unbalanced, the related circuit will input a signal, which will be amplified and pushed to follow the motor sports. The doctor adjusts the movement of the input potentiometer through the operating handle on the remote control cabinet.
The automatic collimator of our Newheek X-ray machine can be used. The ideal automatic collimator device should have the following functional characteristics:
1) Automatically adapt to the distance of the focal image distance.
2) Automatically adapt to the size of the film.
3) The way of automatically adapting to fragmentation.
4) In the mechanical structure, the transmission accuracy is high, and the possibility of displacement is small in the case of impact or vibration.
5) The entire system has a small mechanical positioning error.
In fact, advanced X-ray machines have also adopted our advanced technology above.



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