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How to adjust the collimator in X-ray machine

The collimator generally includes a housing, a field of view lamp, a reflector and a movable lead leaf. Because X-rays are invisible rays, it is impossible to predict whether the opening size of the active lead leaf meets actual needs. Therefore, a field of view lamp is set as a point light source in the collimator to simulate the position of the X-ray tube focal point, and the light is transmitted through a reflector. Reflected to the part to be irradiated, the visible light irradiation field is used to predict the X-ray irradiation field, so that the opening degree of the movable lead leaf can be adjusted according to the required irradiation field. In order for the simulated light irradiation field to correctly reflect the X-ray irradiation field, the positions of the X-ray focus, point light source and reflector are very important. The positional relationship between these three: the position of the point light source and the X-ray focus must be Symmetrical with the mirror as the central axis of symmetry.
The X-ray generator is a device that can generate X-rays for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The X-ray generator is mainly composed of a high-voltage generator, a bulb tube and a collimator. The collimator is usually set under the tube, and the high-pressure X-rays emitted by the tube are irradiated on the object to be tested through the collimator to diagnose and treat the object.
Therefore, the collimator is an indispensable and important component in this field.

Introduction to the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator


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