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How does the fully automatic x ray collimator work?

What do you know about the fully automated x ray collimator? Do you understand the circuit control principle of fully automatic collimating film? Today, I will explain the circuit control principle of the fully automatic collimating film.
 The circuit control principle of the fully automatic collimating film is to set the lead leaf position detecting device inside the fully automatic collimating film. With the movement of the control rod, the lead leaf is opened and closed, which is the real-time output position detection signal of the detector, and the control The signals at the preset positions of the rods are compared. When the two signals are not equal, the motor is energized to drive the lead leaf to move, and the detection signal follows the change. When the two signals are equal, the motor stops, so the position of the operating rod determines the size of the collimating film.
X ray collimator is used to restrict X rays

Manual X ray collimator classification purpose

Application of X ray Collimator
In order to make the illumination field not change with the change of the focal screen, the beam limiter further sets a focal length detection device on the circuit, converts the focal length into an electrical signal, and superimposes the distance correction signal on the illumination control signal. When the focal screen is reduced, the correction signal causes the collimating film to open a little larger: otherwise it is smaller. Thus, after the illumination field is initially adjusted, regardless of the distance, the illumination field of the input screen is always the size of the reservation. The detection mode of the focal length signal light is divided into two types: split type and continuous type. The split type uses a switch set at a certain distance as a correction signal, and it can only roughly perform segment tracking. The continuous type is generally detected by a potentiometer. As the focal screen distance changes, the potentiometer is actuated accordingly, so strict real-time tracking can be achieved.
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