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Adjustment of electronic collimation

Electronic collimation can be used with X-ray tube components whose tube voltage is no more than 150kV for adjusting and limiting X-ray radiation field.
The x ray collimator is of multi-blade structure and equipped with near lead gate, which can effectively reduce the influence of radiation leakage and external radiation, and reduce the harmful radiation to patients and operators.
Electronic collimation is an accessory part for X-ray inspection equipment. It is mainly used for positioning when positioning, simulating the radiation area of X-ray, which can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality. There are two kinds of electronic collimation: manual and automatic.
Adjustment of electronic collimation
In order to select, combine and adjust electronic collimation effectively, there are corresponding sizes of all X-ray field ranges on the electronic collimation panel under the distance from various focus to image receiver, so that the operator can determine the suitable X-ray field range according to the distance before loading by adjusting the longitudinal and transverse knobs.
Newheek electronic collimation is divided into a variety of types and models, which can meet your different procurement needs.


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