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Hebei customer in China consults about beamers

Today, a customer from Hebei Province found our company’s beamformer through the company’s website and showed great interest in it. Then he contacted our company to inquire about our beamer.

The customer is a local medical device manufacturer in Hebei, which is used on a fixed X-ray machine. After communicating with the customer and understanding the customer’s needs, we recommended a 102 manual beamer to the customer. The beam device is used for portable X-ray machine and pet X-ray machine, mainly matching 125 KV X-ray tube. The final customer accepted our suggestion and expressed great approval for it.

Product parameters:

Maximum voltage of X-ray tube: 125 KV

Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm ² (SID = 1000 mm)

Minimum irradiation field:<10 × 10 mm ²

Lead leaf control mode: manual

Overall dimension: 180 × one hundred and fifty-five × 100(mm)

Working power supply: 12 V AC, 100 W (minimum safe voltage)

Weight (excluding cable): 2.6 kg

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