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DR X-ray machine collimator does not light up troubleshooting solution

An old customer called to inquire about the reason why the collimator of the DR X-ray machine does not light up. This customer has purchased the DR X-ray machine for three years, the bulb is broken, and the collimator does not light up after replacing the bulb. The cause of this failure is the bulb. The high power caused the filament to burn out.
We provided him with a solution. First, power off the collimator after finishing work, remove the metal strip fixed on the front of the collimator, remove the screws on it, unplug the two upper and lower control light shields, and take the shell after removal. Be careful of the tape that comes with it. Then remove the inside to measure whether the collimator’s power supply is the problem or the bulb itself is damaged. Test whether the collimator’s bulb is energized, replace the bulb, unplug the power supply, and unscrew the screw. Replace the broken lamp with a new bulb. After the installation, the collimator resumed its work. After detailed explanations to the customer, the customer deepened their trust and support for us, and purchased two more collimators. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult.



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