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Definition of x ray collimator

The x ray collimator consists of two pairs of open and close rectangular x ray collimators, commonly known as Diap bragm, made of lead.
Made of tungsten or depleted uranium, a square or rectangular radiation field can be formed by the opening and closing motion of the upper and lower pairs of rectangular x ray collimators. According to the symmetry of the opening and closing motion, it is divided into a symmetric collimation system, an asymmetric collimation system and an additional head x ray collimator.
Tell us about the symmetric alignment system today. The two pairs of rectangular x ray collimators on the upper and lower sides of the system are symmetrically opened and closed. In order to reduce the X-rays on the side of the x ray collimator and the x ray collimator side
The projection penumbra of the edge portion, the inner side of the rectangular x ray collimator should be tangent to the direction of radiation emission. The thickness of the rectangular x ray collimator is thick enough to ensure the transmission of X-rays through the x ray collimator
The quantity is in line with national standards. This amount of transmission should be 0.5% of the center ray intensity.


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