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Configuration of X-ray machine parts for different types of collimators

Different types of collimators have different configurations, and the types of X-ray machines are also different. So how should I confirm the type of collimator that my X-ray machine is equipped with?

The collimator is suitable for various x-ray machines and fluoroscopy machines. The three-dimensional fluoroscopy machine is composed of tube components, high-voltage generators, remote control stations, columns, pedal components, collimators, and image intensifier TV systems. The three-dimensional fluoroscopy machine is mainly used in hospitals for fluoroscopy examination of the chest, abdomen, bone and soft tissue. The collimator makes the image clearer. The general stereoscopic tube tube is 125KV or 150KV, which can correspond to our manual NK102 and NK202 collimators. The tube voltage of portable X-ray machines and mobile X-ray machines is mostly 125KV, which can be used with our NK102 or NK103 collimators. Newheek collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic. It is suitable for different X-ray machines, and customers can choose any according to their needs.

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