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What kinds of X-ray collimators does Newheek sell?

Collimator is an electromechanical optical device installed in the output window of the tube sleeve of the X-ray tube assembly. Its main function is to control the radiation field of the X-ray tube output line, so as to minimize the projection range and avoid unnecessary dose on the premise of meeting the requirements of X-ray imaging and diagnosis.And can absorb some scattered rays, improve the clarity of the impact.In addition, it indicates the projection center and the size of the projected field of vision.Therefore, collimator is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection.Our company is mainly composed of two kinds of collimators, one is manual, the other is electric.


Manual collimator is mostly used in photography. The opening and closing activities of the collimator cover the lead leaf are realized by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the collimator.In addition to the internal structure mentioned above, it is also provided with an irradiation field indicating system.As shown in the figure, it USES the focal point indicating the bulb to simulate the X-ray tube, replacing the X-ray with visible light, reflecting through the mirror, into the bed.The path of visible light reflected is the same as that of the X-ray beam passing through the mirror, so it can indicate the size of the field in advance.Due to the short life of the indicator light, the light is controlled by a button switch, which can be automatically turned off within 15s~1min.Some indicator life has two levels of brightness, in order to meet the indoor brightness of the case of higher exposure field indication.Some collimators are marked with the size of the exposure field with corresponding focal distance around the knob or within the activity range of the lever, which is mainly used for setting the exposure field before the light is on, so that the size of the exposure field can be adjusted quickly after the indicator light is on, and the service life of the indicator light can be extended.


Electric collimator is mainly used in fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control, and is an essential component for remote control gastrointestinal bed.The opening and closing of the lead blade of the electric collimator is generally driven by a miniature DC motor. The exposure field can be adjusted to the required size by properly controlling the forward, reverse and running time of the DC motor.Electric regulation of collimator radiation fields both in collimator, also has in the bedside table to control the operation, the latter except for continuous adjustment, there are a variety of fixed size of radiation field option buttons, just press the button, the motor is driven lead leaf movements to the selected fixed after radiation field, in order to meet the specific requirements of photography.As the input screen of the image intensifier is circular, the structure of the lead leaf is generally adopted in the form of leaf flap, which makes the diameter of the irradiation field continuously change under the operation of the motor.

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