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Colluminator for portable X optical machine

The types of colluminator can be divided into 125 KV spherical tube x ray collimator and 150 KV spherical tube colluminator in terms of configuration. From the perspective of suitable X-ray machines, they can be divided into portable X-ray machines or mobile X-ray machines or fixed X-ray machines.
Portable X-ray machine is a portable and portable X-ray machine, the advantages of portable X-ray machine is small, light, can be moved and carried at will, can meet the needs of special occasions.
The portable feature of the X-ray machine is that the X-ray machine itself is small, so the portable X-ray machine needs a small size of the colluminator to cooperate.
Newheek’s NK103 colluminator is a small, light weight, high quality choice for portable X-ray machines, with a maximum irradiation field of 430 mm x 430 mm (SID = 90 cm).


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