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Colluminator for C-arm

The purpose of a colluminator is to limit the range of rays, and x ray collimator also limits the direction of rays and prevents scattering lines.Electric multileaf iris colluminator can reduce the illumination vision.Double – blade infinite rotation can block ray direct irradiation image intensifier.
X – ray units usually have several filters of different thickness in the colluminator.
Colluminator for C-arm
The colluminator is an important part of the X-ray machine, which is installed at the lower part of the bulb. When using DR equipment to take pictures of human body, it is often necessary to limit the X ray range of the X ray tube output by the colluminator, so as to reduce the ray absorption dose of the photographer.
The Newheek colluminator, which is divided into manual type and electric type, is suitable for different types of X-ray machines.
The colluminator lets you keep a variety of samples for different needs.


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