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The collimator, also called beam limiter, is an electromechanical optical device installed in the output window of the tube sleeve of the x-ray tube assembly. Its main function is to control the output line of the X-ray bulb tube under the premise of satisfying the X-ray imaging diagnosis. The irradiation field minimizes the projection range and avoids unnecessary doses. And can absorb some scattered light to improve image clarity. In addition, it can also function to indicate the size of the projection center and the projection field of view.
This collimator is mainly used for fixed X-ray machines, mainly matched with 150 KV X-ray tubes.
The collimator main technical parameters:
1. The highest working voltage of supporting X-ray tube: 150KV 150KV
2. Maximum radiation field (SID=65cm): “35cm×35cm
3. The smallest radiation field (SID=100cm): “5cm×5cm
4. Power supply: 12~24V AC, DC 1A
5. Light source time limit: 35s±5s (30s~60s adjustable)
6. Lighting source: LED: 10W×3V
7. Inherent filtration (70kv): 1.5mmAL, built-in additional filter plate (70kv): 0/0.5/1.0/1.5mmAL
8. Perspex plate filtering of output window (70KV): 0.2mmAL
9. Lead door control mode: manual and continuous adjustable
10. Distance from focal point to installation plane: 55mm (according to customer requirements)
11. SID ruler: optional (2m tape measure)
12. Laser pointer: optional.



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