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Collimating film range of use

Collimating film is a device used to limit the size of radiation field in medical diagnostic X-ray equipment in combination with X-ray ball tube. And to protect the patient from radiation protection by eliminating radiation to the non-target areas of the body. X-ray collimator is suitable for use with medical diagnostic X-ray assemblies with bulb voltage no higher than 150kV.
Collimating film range of use
Newheek collimating film is divided into manual type and electric type, and manual collimating film is divided into NK102,NK103 and NK202.
Where NK102,NK103 is usually connected to 125KV ball tube.NK102 is usually suitable for mobile and fixed X – ray machines. NK103 is a special collimating film, usually suitable for portable X-ray machines. The NK202 is connected to a 150KV bulb and is usually used in stationary X-ray machines.
Newheek manual collimating film through the manual knob, adjust the size of the window page.The pages in its Windows are made of lead.
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