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Application of X-ray Collimator

X-ray Collimator, including upper blade, head, support seat, shading seat mechanism, X-axis beam limiting mechanism, Y-axis beam limiting mechanism, reflector, light source box, left machine cover, right machine cover and transmission mechanism.
X-ray Collimator shading operation using a double rocker bar structure, by adjusting the bar to make the transmission gear rotation, and the transmission gear teeth with the first and second gear rotation, driving the X direction of the lower shading and X direction of the lower shading, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the X-ray range.
Application of X ray Collimator
X-ray Collimator is usually installed underneath a spherical tube that emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject through an opening in the blade inside the beam limiter.The size of the opening of the blade of X-ray Collimator, that is, the size of the opening of the blade, determines the projection range of the outgoing X-ray, and the excess ray emitted by the bulb beyond the opening range of the blade will be absorbed and blocked by the blade.
Newheek X-ray Collimator can be divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type. Manual X-ray Collimator can be divided into many different types.
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