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An Inquiry from India on X-ray Collimator

Yesterday, we received an inquiry about our X-ray Collimator from Mr. X of India on our company’s website, which indicated the company’s name and customer information and asked us about the price and delivery date of NK102 X-ray Collimator.

Then we introduced to him our NK102 X-ray Collimator, which is mainly suitable for 125 kV X-ray tubes and mobile or stationary X-ray machines, and sent him information about our 3 models X-ray Collimators.

Then Mr. X responded. He sent us pictures of his mobile X-ray machine and the parameters of the X-ray Collimator. After comparison, it was found that the parameters of the X-ray Collimator he needed matched ours.

Then he asked for the quantity he needed and gave him a quotation.

Today, I received a reply from Mr. X. He said that he hoped to get a competitive price. Just answered the question about Mr. X’s target price, waiting for Mr. X’s reply.

Mr. X’s main consultation is the X-ray Collimator we brought with me for LED lights, mainly for mobile X-ray machines.

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