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Advantages of x-ray scattering

X-ray scattering can be divided into many types and models, which are suitable for medical diagnostic X-ray tube assembly with X ray tube voltage not higher than 150kV.
Newheek x ray collimator adopts micro linear guideway to ensure high accuracy of motion. Second, the substrate is made of aluminum alloy plate and NC machining technology is adopted to ensure the accurate assembly position. Reliable performance, good ray shielding, complete function, rotating and fast locking of ball tube connection, built-in filter switch device, unique blade driving mode, modular structure design, easy assembly and guaranteed product performance.
Advantages of x ray scattering
The Newheek x-ray scattering is divided into manual, electric and automatic. The manual beam limiter can be divided into three models according to its characteristics: NK102,NK103 and NK202. In medical case, NK102,NK103 is suitable for 125KVundefineds spherical tube, and Newheek beam limiter NK202 is suitable for 150KVundefineds spherical tube in medical condition, which is connected to fixed X-ray machine.
Our x-ray scattering can meet the needs of different customers.


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