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6-11India customer inquiry x ray collimator device

Indian customers consult the x ray collimator of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., and ask what equipment the customer uses. If it is used in X-ray machines, whether it is fixed or mobile, our beamer has a variety of styles. Customers use for fixed styles, push 202, there are Shanghai Sichuan and Dandong styles, Sichuan styles are cost-effective and can give away a lot of small accessories, but customers use them on their self-produced C-arms, and we recommend our 801 beams to customers. This beamer is mainly used for C-arms, but it is suitable for 125KV X-ray tubes. The maximum irradiation field is 100SID, and the appearance size is 168*140*86mm. The customer sent 2 pictures for me to compare the parameters. Our appearance size is smaller and heavier. The other parameters are basically the same. The customer is very satisfied. Quote, the price is too high. Ask what the budget is, and let me know after the dealer asks the customer.

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