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125 days after Kobe died Adjustment items of X-ray beam limiter

125 days after Kobe died, Vanessa wrote 4 words for black events
On May 30th, Beijing time, the violence against African Americans has caused more and more people’s attention. Today, Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, who has inherited his 14 billion legacy, has even Concerned about such an incident, Vanessa also spoke on social media about her views on the incident.
Vanessa left a sentence on her Instagram: “I can’t breathe.” Also accompanied by a heartbreaking pattern, she is also through her actions for George Loyd was not fair, but in fact, the statement that Vanessa matched was very related to Kobe.
Because Vanessa’s words came out exactly the same way. Kobe Bryant wore a t-shirt before the game after the violent law enforcement of the American police led to the death of black people. It was still in 2014. The US police locked their throats and led to the death of a black man. Kobe was not retired at that time. Before the game, Black Mamba also wore an I can’t breathe t-shirt to protest the violent law enforcement problems in the United States. And he cried out loudly for the black people who lost their lives.

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