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you’ll never Walk Alone! Liverpool team solidarity kills blacks

Recently, Liverpool conducted the first team game after resuming training. The players were divided into two teams, red and black, to compete at Anfield. Mane and Keita broke the goal to help the Red Team win 2-0. However, the recent focus on Liverpool is not all on the score and who scores, but the Red Army players are on the knee in the middle of the court before training, collectively kneeling on one knee, solidarity with the United States black Freud who was killed by violence law enforcement The team posted on social media: “Unity is strength. #The life of a black man is also a life”
Liverpool officials also issued remarks against violent law enforcement, as well as pictures of players kneeling on one knee.
The Red Army shareholder, James, who owns a 2% stake in the club, also quickly reposted it, and he also posted: YNWA (you will never walk alone/Liverpool’s team song slogan) and several expressions, expressing their position and Liverpool team the same.
Although James did not go to the peaceful march, he also expressed his position with his own actual actions. We all know that James has a great influence in the United States and the world. His position will also affect many people, so this time when watching To the “Self Club” as a black Freud, James also forwarded.


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