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X-ray collimatorcan be adapted to a 90KV tube NK103 X-ray collimator?

It is not difficult to see from the parameters that this NK103 X-ray collimator device ,the X-ray collimatorcan be adapted to a 90KV tube. This X-ray collimator device is cost-effective and mainly suitable for portable X-ray machines. If your X-ray collimator device needs to be replaced, this product is the best choice.

Through the introduction of the previous article, we have learned that the X-ray collimator is a device that shields unnecessary X-rays, reduces the subject’s exposure dose as much as possible, and improves image clarity. We have already learned about the NK102 X-ray collimatorr, in the next article we will mainly understand the NK103 X-ray collimator.

Applicable high voltage 90KV

Large irradiation field 430mmx430mm (SID=90cm)

Average brightness of light field >100lux

Illumination ratio >3:1

Bulb 12V/50W

Light field lamp single lighting time 30S

Focus-installation surface distance (adjustable as required) 40

Inherent filtration (75kV) 1mmAL

Dimensions (WLH) mm 158/x138x83

Weight (Kg, without cable) 2.6

Light field size indication knob pointer scale

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