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X-ray Collimator

X-ray Collimator is an accessory part of X-ray inspection equipment. It is mainly used for positioning and simulating the radiation area of X-ray. It can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality.

X-ray Collimator, as its name implies, is to shrink the beam. The practical function is to turn on the light on the beam-former first, and adjust the knobs in the X and Y directions of the X-ray Collimator, so that the light of the X-ray Collimator shines on the film box of your machine, so that the size of the field of light coincides with the size of the film, and then you can take pictures. Because the machine must adjust the X-ray field and the light field to a minimum deviation before leaving the factory, the light field can simulate the invisible X-ray field.

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