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X-ray collimator uses a dedicated connector and tube sleeve window

In today’s article, let’s first understand the installation instructions of the X-ray collimator device.Do you know how to install the X-ray collimator device? In terms of positioning with the tube sleeve, the collimator limiter uses a dedicated connector and tube sleeve window. The flange plate is fixed and matched into one body and can be rotated within a certain range. The required focal position of the X-ray collimator device during installation is consistent with the actual focal position of the X-ray tube assembly. In general, we do not provide on-site installation services for the installation and commissioning of mechanical auxiliary devices, individual components and parts except for the whole X-ray machine. The first is the distance problem and the cost of accommodation for the installation engineer, if it is only a small part For mechanical auxiliary devices or individual components, installation is also a big expense, so of course it can save you a fortune, but don’t worry. In this case, we usually debug the machine well, and there will be special The engineer video guides the installation. Therefore, there will be no phenomenon that it will not be used if you buy it.

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