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X ray collimator used for gastrointestinal examinations

Everyone knows that the X ray collimator is an indispensable component of the X-ray machine, but everyone is not very familiar with the X ray collimator, so in this issue we will learn about the use of the X ray collimator and the design of the X ray collimator What is the function of the structure?
Next, let’s take a look at the design of X ray collimator. Usually, the design of X ray collimator is: compartment operation, the area of ​​the radiation field is controlled at one end of the console. This electric collimator is mostly used in gastrointestinal surgery. This electric Dawning can adjust the ratio of width to length, cannot rotate, and only exposes once. Chest X-ray: Set position. Back to front position: back to the tube, front to back position: facing the tube, side position: raise your arm to hold your head. Some chest X-ray frames have handles. Hang your hands on the shelf for support. X ray collimator can confine stray X-rays and reduce unnecessary radiation absorbed by patients in the radiation room. And can control the size of the radiation area.
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