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X ray collimator type and usage scenario

X ray collimator type and usage scenario
Today, I will introduce you to the electric x ray collimator. When it is pure electric x ray collimator, when will it be used automatically?
Use this x ray collimator feature only for gastrointestinal or chest fluoroscopy. because:
(1) used for perspective
(2) Human exposure area, the machine can be operated by manual memory
(3) The machine automatically recognizes the size of the cassette
(4) The only problem left is how big the machine is, and the machine will automatically convert it. There are two conversion methods, one is the potential number reading, and the other is the relay logic operation.
Usually the design of the machine:
Pull it out to the 1.5m cable position to protect the bed, prevent the bed from running, the machine will recognize the gastrointestinal photography, and some can be done under the beam position. It can only be up and down, can not be rotated, and can only be exposed once.
Chest film: to place
Back front position: back to the tube
Front and rear position: facing the tube
Lateral position: arms raised to hold the head, and some chests have handles on the shelf, hanging hands on the shelf.
X ray collimator type and usage scenario


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