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X ray collimator specifications and models

In order to reduce the radiation to human body, x ray collimator made lead leaf to screen X-ray with a certain thickness of lead plate.
X-ray collimator is a necessary component for medical X-ray machines and other equipment. X-ray collimator is installed under the X-ray emission window of the X-ray tube ball. According to the diagnostic needs, the X-ray radiation range can be limited within a certain range to minimize the X-ray radiation to the human body.
Newheek X-ray collimator can be divided into manual type and electric type. Manually x ray collimator can adjust the blade size of a window with a manual knob.
Newheek manual x ray collimator USES a halogen or LED lamp to keep the light bright.
The exposure time of the protection lamp controlled by time-limited circuit is 30 seconds.This will extend the life of the lamp without overheating.
Suitable for the highest voltage of the bulb: 150KVP
Inherent filtration: 1mmAL, additional outer guide rail of filtration shell can be inserted: 1mm, 2mm
Applicable to the distance from the focus of the pipe ball to the mounting surface: 80mm
The light field ranges from 0X0 to 430mmX430mm at a focal film distance of 1000mm
Average brightness of light field: greater than or equal to 140lux field edge radiance: >4:1.
Newheek x ray collimator can be divided into different types to meet your different purchasing needs.



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