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X-ray collimator: specifications and features

X-ray collimator housing is iron, multi-functional square field of X-ray collimator with a stable system.To ensure that x-rays can be beamed out of a beam limiter at maximum volume, X-ray collimator walls are all made of double-lined lead. X-ray collimator USES 6 pairs of blades to control the visual field of x-rays, which are also lead-lined.Two pairs at the entrance of the ray, two pairs in the middle, and two pairs at the exit of the ray. The knob on the Manual X-ray collimator panel controls the blades.The scale value on the panel can be read by the user according to the size of the field of vision, and then set by the knob.
Newheek manual X-ray collimator is divided into three models of NK102, NK103 and NK202, respectively connected with X ray tube of different kilovolt, suitable for X ray machines of different kilovolt, among which NK103 is special X ray collimator.Therefore, customers can choose according to their own needs.

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