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X-ray collimator plays an important role in X-ray machine

What is the x-ray-collimator X-ray device that is limited to X-ray? The x ray collimator has a binding effect on X-rays.
The x ray collimator, also known as the “shield”, “dimmer” or “beam illuminator”, is mounted on the x-ray sleeve window to mask unwanted primary x-rays during X-ray inspection. It limits the x-ray field to the minimum required range, minimizing the amount of x-ray exposure the patient receives. The x ray collimator limits the field of exposure so that the patient and operator receive as little radiation as possible. Reduce the area where secondary rays are generated, and improve the clarity of the perspective and the film. It is also possible to block leaking rays as much as possible.
The x ray collimator is divided into manual and electric types and plays an important role in X-ray machines.

X-ray collimator



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