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X-ray collimator performance introduction

In the positioning of the tube sleeve, the x ray collimator uses a special connection piece to be fixed and matched with the flange plate of the window of the tube sleeve, and can be rotated within a certain range. The focus position of the tube assembly is consistent. With the development of the X-ray machine host, the beam limiter has also evolved from simple to complex in structure and from single to multi-purpose in function. The following introduces several common beam limiters
In order to make the selection and adjustment of the irradiation field more flexible and convenient in use, and continue to improve the effect of shielding, an active beam limiter has appeared. The movable beam limiter is superior in function. It can continuously adjust the size of the irradiation field to meet the requirements for the shielding of films of various sizes at any distance. It is widely used by modern X-ray machines. Structurally, the early active beam limiter consisted of two pairs of lead leaves that could be opened and closed independently and arranged vertically in two layers. The activity of each pair of lead leaves is centered on the X-ray center of symmetry. The opening and closing of the two pairs of lead leaves respectively control the length and width of the irradiation field to achieve the purpose of flexibly adjusting the size and shape of the irradiation field. In order to further improve the shielding effect, the internal structure of the beam limiter is increased from one group of “#” shaped lead leaves to two groups. The two pairs of lead leaves in the same direction can move synchronously, but their activity ranges are different. It is to make the irradiation fields formed by the two pairs of lead leaves always consistent. In addition, a square tube is added between the two sets of lead leaves to absorb the scattered rays generated in the X-ray collimator; a filter plate for absorbing soft rays is also installed on the beam limiter, and the thickness can be replaced as needed. Filter plate
As we all know, in x-ray photography, the size of the beam field and the accuracy of the center of the beam beam directly affect the quality of the x-ray photo. Especially in the projection of some special positions, such as mastoid, optic nerve hole, etc., if the center of the X-ray X-ray collimator and the center of the X-ray tube are slightly offset, the photo may not meet the diagnostic requirements. It can be seen that the adjustment of the center of the X-ray beam optical device is a problem that cannot be ignored. At present, there is no special test tool for the adjustment of the center of the X-ray X-ray collimator, which brings inconvenience to the adjustment work and causes unnecessary manpower and waste of film. We have discussed the adjustment of the beam center of the X-ray machine, and made a simple debugging board for the center adjustment of the beam beam, which has been proved to be effective after use.


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