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X-ray collimator for X-ray tubes up to 150KV

X-ray collimator is a device that can be used with X-ray tubes to limit the size of the radiation field in medical diagnostic X-ray equipment.And protect the patient by eliminating radiation from non-target areas of the body.It is suitable for supporting the medical diagnostic X-ray assembly with the bulb voltage not higher than 150kV.
Newheek X-ray collimator can be divided into manual type and electric type. Manual X-ray collimator can be divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202.
X ray collimator for X ray tubes up to 150KV
Where NK102,NK103 is normally connected to 125KV X-ray tube. NK102 is usually suitable for mobile and stationary X-ray machines. NK103 is a special X-ray collimator and is suitable for portable X-ray machines. The NK202 is connected to a 150KV X-ray tube and is usually used on stationary X-ray machines.
Newheek manual x ray collimator adjusts the size of the window pager with a manual knob.The pages in its Windows are made of lead.
Newheek x ray collimator can meet your different purchasing needs.


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