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X-ray collimator for U-arm machine

There are many types of Newheek Xray machines, such as C-arms, U-arms, double-columns, filmers and moving bedside machines.

What are the characteristics of a manual x ray collimator that can be used for double columns

Today, I will introduce you to the Newheek X ray machine of U-arm. We all know that the U-arm consists of many components, mainly high-voltage generators, bulbs, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, grids (optional) and mechanical parts. Today, I will introduce you to the high-voltage cable used on the U-arm. Newheek currently has three manual limiters and an electric limiter, and we use the manual limiter L03 for the U-arm.

What are the precautions when using the manual x ray collimator
Simply tell everyone about the radiology table we have for U-arm. Because there are bucky on the U-arm, so the x ray table that we usually configure for the customer is generally a simple x ray table.