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X-ray collimator for suspension X-ray machines

X-ray collimator is used for suspension X-ray machine. Medical X-ray machine adopts high power and high pressure generator, 17×17-inch flat panel detector, latest suspension type frame, full intelligent LCD screen, which can realize comprehensive optimization and adjustment of structure, multiple combinations of body and more rich clinical application. The X – ray machine is more efficient and safe by using high – power high – voltage generator. X-ray collimator restricts x rays.The digital camera is hung above the irradiated area. When taking pictures, there is no obstruction. The pictures are clearer.
X-ray collimator works by saying that the X-ray is radiating from the X-ray tube focus to the surrounding area. For maximum range of practical use, add an X-ray collimator to the window for control. X-ray collimator USES adjustable lead plates to block out unnecessary primary rays from the window, thus controlling the beam size and changing the actual X-ray exposure field.
Newheek X-ray collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic.You can choose according to the different needs of customers.
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