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X-ray collimator for mobile medical diagnostic X-ray machine

X-ray collimator medical field for mobile X-ray machines, limited x light sources.The mobile medical diagnostic X-ray machine can move flexibly in any direction, and can be used for radiography on the operating table, bed, even stretcher and other occasions where patients cannot move easily. It can also be used for general vertical chest radiography, which is a useful tool for hospitals at all levels. with x-ray collimator, by X-ray tube;Mechanical moving parts of balancing arm, column and trolley;Electrical box (with internal high voltage generator and control circuit) and operation panel.With an exposure controller, the operator can keep away from the radiation source to control the exposure.
Newheek x-ray collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic, NK102 x ray collimator is suitable for mobile X-ray machines.

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