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X-ray collimator can accept special customization

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I recently received the purchase of a collimator from Liaoning ** Medical Company, and the communication with customers is as follows:

The customer would like to choose a built-in LED X-ray collimator with additional filtering, and send me the parameter requirements later. It is said that if there is no suitable X-ray collimator for this requirement, similar X-ray collimator products can also be recommended. However, I hope that the X-ray collimatorr is a built-in additional filter. If you can’t achieve the three of them, you can also see what we can provide. In addition, they hope that the X-ray collimator light source is LED, and the tube is a customized combination head. The current parameters have not been finalized. Tell customers that they can be customized according to the parameters they provide, how many do you need?(collimator x ray)

Customers said that they need to go through the normal procurement process. At present, they may need 2-3 units for experiment and prototype use, and mass production will begin after the product is released. Can our company provide a rough size, weight and customized cycle? what is the price?

The size of the X-ray collimator: 185*198*172, the weight does not exceed 10KG. price is**

Dear users of new products, if you have similar needs for X-ray beam limiters, you can contact us at 0536-8882360, and we can customize them.

(collimator x ray)


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