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X-ray collimator bulb

What types of X-ray collimator bulbs are there? Generally, there are two types of bulbs for X-ray collimators: LED lamps and halogen lamps. Our company sells the most X-ray collimators with LED lamps. Our collimator bulbs can also be sold separately, if you have needs, please contact us.
Briefly introduce our NK202 beam beam device to you:
Supporting X-ray tube maximum working voltage: 150KV 150KV
Maximum radiation field (SID=65cm): 《35cm×35cm
Minimum radiation field (SID=100cm): <5cm×5cm
Power supply: 12~24V AC, DC 1A
Illumination (SID=100cm): >>100lx (at this distance, the contrast at the edge of the light field is ≥4)
Light source time limit: 35s±5s (adjustable from 30s to 60s)
Lighting source: LED: 10W×3V
Intrinsic filtration (70kv): 1.5mmAL
Built-in additional filter plate (70kv): 0/0.5/1.0/1.5mmAL
Output window plexiglass filter (70KV): 0.2mmAL
Jaw door control mode: manual and continuously adjustable
Distance from focus to installation plane: 55mm (according to customer requirements)
SID ruler: optional (2m tape measure)
Laser pointer: optional
Weight kg: 8.0±0.5kg
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